Largest Lollipop

27 August, Jamaica, New York. New Yorker Ashrita Furman (54), holder of the most Guinness World Records, and his team of 25 assistants have created the world's largest lollipop in honour the birthday of Sri Chinmoy (27 August), who inspired them by setting many weightlifting world records of his own.
World's Largest Lollipop Ashrita's Guinness Record Aug 2009

The lollipop weighs 6,706 pounds (3041 kg), is 10 feet (3 m) in diameter and 10 inches (25 cm) thick. The huge red candy is made of sugar and corn syrup, which was melted in hundred 100-gallon (380 litre) pots. Including the stick it has the height of 25 feet (7.50 m). This size ensures Ashrita Furman a new entry into the Guinness Book, because the previous largest lollipop was 4,759 pounds (2158 kg).  
In honour of Sri Chinmoy's birthday (August 27) Ashrita dedicated the record to the late philosopher, poet and athlete who inspired him and humanity with his weightlifting world records and the World Harmony Run. "We know Sri Chinmoy for his compassion, kindness and sweetness and for that reason we are celebrating his birthday by making the largest lollipop," commented Ashrita. As hundreds of on-lookers and passing cars clogged the streets to watch, the massive candy was lifted high into the air by crane-operators.

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"Ashrita Furman has been breaking Guinness World Records since 1979, when he completed 27,000 jumping jacks to earn his first Guinness World Record. It Airborne - Photo by Sharani Robinswas such a thrill that he immediately began training for the next record and he hasen’t stopped since. Ashrita set 236 official Guinness World Records. Many of the records have been broken. On 14 April 2009 Ashrita Furman became the first person to currently hold 100 Guinness Records. At the moment he holds 98 standing records. Other Guinness World Records by Furman include the largest flower bouquet (101,791 roses), the largest pencil, bobbing 33 apples in one minute and covering a mile the fastest while twirling a hula hoop and balancing a milk bottle on his head. The 54-year-old has practiced meditation for over 30 years, which helps him to find the power, joy and concentration for his challenging records."

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Photo credits from the top: Jowan Gauthier, Upasana, Sharani Robbins