Double trouble

February 2nd, 2010, Colombia.  Ashrita Furman, a New York area health food store manager and holder of 114 current Guinness World Records, added two more records to his record for holding the most records, while travelling in South America this winter.

Ashrita's latest feats favoured the 'simultaneous' challenge: performing one feat whilst performing another, a particular speciality of Ashrita's.

On famed Easter Island, silhoutted by giant monolithic statues who appear to be intently watching,  Ashrita juggled while simultaneously jumping on a pogo stick for an astounding four miles just a few days ago. One can only imagine the concentration power required, let alone not being distracted by the stunning scenary and eerie statued presences.

Today, at the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Ashrita managed to blow a postage stamp 100 meters -- while at the same time carrying an adorable smugly smiling “Pepe”, a Colombian tree sloth. Total time: 7 minutes 29 seconds. 

A self-desribed teenaged nerd, Ashrita attributes his adult athletic success at breaking impossible records to meditation and Sri Chinmoy's inspiration.


Photo credits:  Jowan Gauthier