ABC Award

July 18th, 2010, Jamaica Estates, New York.  The 2nd ABC (America-Bangladesh-Canada) Convention was held this weekend at the Mary Louis Academy in Queens and paid tribute to the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

ABCconvention-2.jpgThe ABC Convention honours those authors, writers, diplomats, artists, politicans and community leaders who spread understanding of and contribute to the Bangladeshi American spirit abroad. The Sri Chinmoy Centre was awarded for Sri Chinmoy's contribution to offering the Bangladesh cultural and spiritual heritage not only in America and Canada, but throughout the world.

Sayeed-ur-Rabb, the publisher of Thikana, the largest Bengali paper and news service in America, and a long-time reporter of Sri Chinmoy's activities and Convention convener invited the Centre to participate in the event.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre offered a 30-minute presentation including choral arrangments and musical performances of Sri Chinmoy's compositions and  slide presentations and video of about Sri Chinmoy's cultural manifestations.