Ct. Joy Day

October 17th, 2010. Monroe, CT. People converged from Connecticut and New York this October weekend at a Joy Day organized by the Oneness-Heart Centre (located in Queens). The caravan of vehicles filled with people, pies, cider, delicious casseroles and numerous other items to create a wonderful day traveled north from Jamaica, NY to CT with the anticipation of joy and spiritual fulfillment. The program’s indoor activities were held in a 1700’s historic renovated barn were and included meditations, musical performances, poetry readings, and scrumptious food.

It was a perfect autumn day when the light dances through the many colored leaves and gentle breezes stir the music held inside the wind chimes. As one walked through the garden to meditate, the heart was embraced by images of Sri Chinmoy devotedly placed near trees and ferns also adorned by sweet incense and candlelight.

Midday found the group stretching their legs down a winding trail to Great Hollow Lake whose waters sparkled beneath the blazing sun inviting all to enjoy in Mother Nature’s abundance.
Because of this Joy Day, the light shines brighter in this small New England town.