Snow-White Heart

February 18th, 2010. Jamaica, NY. The solemn silence of the snow, whispers of the storm that was – an oasis of divinity.... I shall no more allow my mind to tryannize and dictate to my snow-white heart.... The echo of the 'snow-white heart' in Sri Chinmoy's poems spanning the decades....


I shall no more allow my mind
To tyrannize and dictate to
My snow-white heart.

Two God-Amusement-Rivals: My Heart-Song-Beauty And My Life-Dance-Fragrance, Part 3


Each day your snow-white heart-life
Can claim a blue soul-dream.
Each day your sweet Lord is building
In you another Supreme.

Silence Speaks, Part 5



If your life is armed with patience,
Then you can have a heart
As pure as the snow
Of the Himalayan peaks.

Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 248



The mind wants to free us
With its counterfeit wisdom
The heart wants to free us
With its snow-white love.

Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, 3


My religion
Has discovered God's Footsteps
Not in the vastness of the blue sky,
But in the world-oneness
Of my snow-white heart.

My Religion


O my heart,
I am extremely fond of you
For many divine things you embody,
But especially for the snow-white innocence
Of your childlike smile.

 O My Heart


I wish to be a citizen of a smiling land,
I wish to be there a loving heart and a giving hand,
I wish to have two snow-white pure eyes,
To inspire and lift all the citizens to the blue-vast skies.

A Soulful Cry Versus A Fruitful Smile