April Concert NYC

April 2009 Riverside Church Songs of the Soul Concert

Excerpts from Radio Sri Chinmoy.

Adarsha Kelly, a native Scotsman, is a long-time soloist of the Sri Chinmoy Centre and a particular favourite of Sri Chinmoy's.

Adesh Widmer is a classically trained Indian sitarist; he performs with his wife Ajita, who plays the tabla.

Ghandarva Loka Orchestra is a 75-member international choir and orchestra formed in 2007 by Sri Chinmoy. Directed by classical guitarist Panchajanya Burri, Ghandarva Loka's tidal wave of symphonic sounds bring each Songs of the Soul Concert to a thunderous close.

Paree's International Group is an acappella (original Latin meaning, in the style of the chapel) women's choral group.   The group performs Sri Chinmoy's hauntingly simple and soul-stirring compositions in a single melody line as they were originally composed—much like Gregorian Chants of old. Riverside Church is the perfect setting for an authentic acappella performance.

Groups perform in the cavernous halls of Riverside Church on the upper westside.

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