About the Sri Chinmoy Centre

WHR2010.jpgAmerican students of Indian spiritual Master have established Sri Chinmoy Centre meditation centres throughout the United States, based on his teachings of inner peace and outer service to the world.

The Centre USA is part of the larger Sri Chinmoy Centres International, currently comprised of 400 centres in 60 countries, dedicated to serving individuals through teaching meditation and spirituality in the yoga tradition, as well as promoting world harmony and humanitarian service through innovative grassroots programs. It is not affiliated with any particular religion.



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Sri Chinmoy Centre Activities

Spirituality in action, bringing ancient truths of meditation into the fast pace of modern life.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre USA aspires to provide a peaceful atmosphere for seekers to dive within in pursuit of their own spirituality. An individual Sri Chinmoy Centre is a spiritual haven where students meet not only for meditation but also for spiritual activities. They are hubs of dynamic self-discovery where frequent gatherings, joy days, concerts, workshops, classes, races and public events take place. 

The foundation of all Sri Chinmoy Centre activities is meditation first. From this inner wealth, meditation transforms one's daily actions, bringing to the fore the peace that is everyone's birthright. Likewise, at Sri Chinmoy's personal request, all our public activities are offered free of charge in the spirit of continuous service to our fellow travellers along the path to self-realisation.