Pine Plains Joy Day

Memorial Day Weekend 2011, upstate New York. The morning started off with a hike up Stissing Mountain. The climb was steep and strenuous, but led us to breathtaking and verdant views of Lake Thompson and upstate New York. There was also a rickety watchtower we scaled at the summit, where a wind tunnel cooled our overheated bodies. Other members of the group went for a shorter hike towards Lake Thompson.
    After the hike, everyone relocated to Stissing Lake Park for a delicious picnic, comprised of Rambha’s grilled corn, veggie hot dogs, and potato salad. As for recreation, we played frisbee, beach volleyball, and swam in the lake. The girls engaged in a fight-to-the-death volleyball tournament that quickly devolved into belly-aching laughter and senseless chaos.
    Following the picnic, we headed to Pine Plains Community Center for a meditation and Palash’s mystery game. All in all, it was a beautiful day. Our gratitude to Palash, Rambha, Bhagirathi and friends for arranging such a beautiful Joy Day.