Spirituality for today.

Free meditation classes, concerts, uplifting artistic and sporting events - dynamic spirituality for today's world.

Spirituality for today.: Free meditation classes, concerts, uplifting artistic and sporting events - dynamic spirituality for today's world.

What we do

For students of Indian Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy, the Centre serves as a spiritual home where we can meditate and make fast spiritual progress. 

As part of our spiritual practice, we regularly offer uplifting events for the public - free instructional programs in meditation, concerts of spiritual music, local athetic events, and more. 

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3100: Run and Become

A new film exploring the world of ultrarunning and what compels people to do it. Featuring the world's longest certified road race - the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, organised by Sri Chinmoy's students every summer in Queens, NY. 

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Sri Chinmoy

Born in 1931, Sri Chinmoy spent many hours a day in meditation as a teenager and young adult in a spiritual community in South India, and attained the high states of consciousness described in various traditions as enlightenment or God-realisation.

Sri Chinmoy came to New York in 1964 to share his inner realisations, and he lived in Queens until his passing in 2007. There are now Sri Chinmoy Centres located all over the world, and several thousand students study meditation and live a dedicated spiritual life based on his teachings and guidance.

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If you would like to find out more about Sri Chinmoy's philosophy, a good place to start is by reading his books:


What is it like to study with Sri Chinmoy?

"A genuine Spiritual Teacher is someone who realized God just the day before. He is simply an elder brother of humanity, but as someone who has ascended the realization mountain, he can help and guide others up that mountain..." Pradhan Balter, a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 40 years, describes the timeless principles of studying with a spiritual Teacher.

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Many of Sri Chinmoy's American students have been with him for many decades, and have many fascinating stories about their experiences.


Around the world

There are Sri Chinmoy Centres in over 50 countries worldwide.

Books by Sri Chinmoy's students

Sri Chinmoy's students have also published many books about their growth and inner progress on the spiritual path.


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