36th Anniversary

of Annam Brahma Restaurant

March 2010. Jamaica, Queens. March is birthday celebration month at Annam Brahma as they observed their 36th anniversary on March 15, 2010. 

"The equal of a gratitude-heart
Will never be available
Either here on earth
Or there in Heaven."
-Sri Chinmoy

This is the poem we gave to our customers to celebrate on March 15th the 36th anniversary of Annam Brahma Restaurant, along with free brownies and Indian snacks.

Anniversaries are a time to express gratitude to everyone who makes an enterprise happen and a significant time to recognize the tremendous blessings we have received.

It is a time to thank the dedicated staff who create a spiritual atmosphere and to thank the customers we interact with over the years who give us a reason to serve.

In addition to the complimentary items, which people are always excited about, we decorated with balloons, special placemats and flowers.

Kodanda played music for the customers which always gives a soulful feeling in the restaurant. There was a real magic in the air. We were all experiencing the family feeling that has developed over the years in so many of the enterprises between the clientele and the staff.

We are all people with the same hopes and dreams and we are grateful for having a way to inspire one another to try to make a better world and to support one another in our endeavors.

All our gratitude especially to Sri Chinmoy who originally inspired us to open Annam Brahma. His constant encouragement and support made it possible for us to succeed, right from the start. (written by Shephali Burke)