10 & 6 Day Ultras

April 29th, 2010, Flushing Meadow Park. The Sri Chinmoy Self- Transcendence Ten and Self-Transcendence Six Day Races of 2010 have reached the glorious finish line. An international field of intrepid runners were first graced by brilliant April weather followed by several days of relentless wind and rain. Catch up with the daily news and photographs here of these courageous folk!

These races are all about self-transcendence: or managing running as many hundreds of miles as possible for nearly a week or more.  This phenomenal feat requires great discipline, endurance, consistency and patience built-up over many years of training and experience. No amount of written tribute is adequate for these heroic athletes!

Self-Transcendence Ten Day Race 2010

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Self-Transcendence Six Day Race 2010

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