Consciousness Blossoms in Florida - celebrating 10 years

29th September, Tampa Florida. Vegetarian Restaurant Consciousness-Blossoms in Tampa, FL celebrated its 10th anniversary with a commemorative dinner, musical performance, poetry reading and the Torch Bearer Awards program on behalf of the World Harmony Run.


Managed by Tilvila Hurwit, an ultra-sound specialist, and 10 years ago a complete novice in the food industry, Consciousness-Blossoms has been nourishing the souls and feeding the bodies of Floridians for a solid decade of culinary excellence.

Media Coverage

St. Petersburg Times wrote a cover story and inside feature on the event in the paper version of 29 September that honoured local residents for thier selfless service to the community.  The actual date of the anniversary?  September 13th.

Consciousness Blossoms - Vegetarian Restuarant