Father's Day 2010

Tradition has it that Father's Day is full of meditation and other activities in the Sri Chinmoy Centre. In Queens, a Father's Day Marathon was typically held in the early morning on Father's Day and a special meal of Indian food served on a banana leaf would be shared at Aspiration-Ground.

You can read Sri Chinmoy's best known writing on on the subject of Father's Day in 1974 in the full-text online library of his writings. It is entitled Three Hundred Sixty-Five Father's Day Prayers.

On Father's Day in 1986, Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayer before a weightlifting session.

My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,
It is Father's Day.
You are our Father,
Our only Father Supreme.
On this Father's Day
We, Your children would like to have
A supreme boon from You:
Do grant us the capacity
To be sleepless servitors
Of Your Eternity's Will.
Excerpt from I Pray Before I Lift, I Meditate While I Lift, I Offer My Gratitude-Cries And Gratitude-Smiles by Sri Chinmoy