Season's Greetings

Sri Chinmoy's Writings on Christ

20 December 2009. Queens New York. With 10 and more inches of newly fallen snow in Jamaica, Queens, New York, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the East Coast.

Annam Brahma Restaurant is decorated with a live Christmas tree and they will serve a holiday meal on Christmas Day. Sri Chinmoy wrote many poems, prose, a play called The Son as well as songs about Jesus Christ. 

A selection of his writings on Christ is gathered together on a page in the online full-text library of Sri Chinmoy's writings. There we read:


"...Indeed, Jesus’ self-offering life and earth-illumining message will shine bright, brighter, brightest in the aspiring heart and God-loving life of humanity throughout Eternity."

Selected Writings by Sri Chinmoy on Christ at Sri Chinmoy Library online.