July 4th BBQ

July 4th, 2010 Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York. Surrounded by an ampitheatre of green at a 4th of July Jubilee, the Sri Chinmoy International Choir performed songs dedicated to America, banjo players played tribute, and the nation's pastime was honoured: a vegetarian barbeque  crowned by an evening boat ride to witness New York City's fabulous fireworks display.


4-july-4.jpgA portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, graced the stage during the opening meditation and programme, while the performers instead moved to the shaded wings in the sweltering heat. A lively game of pictionary closed the programme as participants embarked for the fireworks extravaganza.





America, America, I salute you.
You announce the message of liberation-light
To the world.
You chase away the darkest darkness of the world.
You are a perfect stranger to fear,
Cowardice and meanness.
You embody the child-like heart.
In you we have discovered the flood of peace.



O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty,
O Eternity's divinity-day,
I know, I know,
You are earth-perfection's only way.
O sweet liberty, O sweet liberty,
You are blue Heaven's Vision-seed.
I know, I know,
You alone are the world-hunger's unerring need.

       –Sri Chinmoy