Candlelit Concert

March 7th, Jamaica, New York. Earth-Bondage-Liberation-Dream, an all-male group lead by Satyajit Saha offered a soul-stirring concert of Sri Chinmoy’s music and poetry in Jamaica, Queens, on Saturday evening, March sixth.  

The performance combined orchestral and choral effects with poetry recitation by Satyajit to produce a whole that provided a soulful, inspiring and musically-electrifying overview of Sri Chinmoy’s music and poetry. The musicians gave magical performances, as themes were introduced by different wind and string instruments, then a full orchestral accompaniment, followed by the chorus, interspersed with readings of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry. In introducing the evening, Satyajit said that it was as if he were bringing us to an arboretum filled with hundreds of trees, and that he was showing us the ones that were his personal favorites.

For well over an hour, the capacity audience remained in pin-drop silence: individuals were propelled into personal journeys of reflection and meditation. Before the concert began there was a minute of silent meditation, and at one point during the performance, Satyajit asked the audience to silently pray for world peace for one minute. At the conclusion, the fulfilling nature of the event could be gauged by the standing ovation offered to the performers and the delighted faces of the attendees.