Weightlifting Jubilee

June 26, 2010, Jamaica, New York. A special Silver Jubilee tribute (1985-2010) to Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting achievements was held in the garden ampitheatre of Aspiration-Ground. The event was attended by fitness and strength legends, including Mahasamrat Bill Pearl, five-time Mr. Universe and Best Built Man of the 20th Century.


Guests saw first hand Sri Chinmoy's exercise equipment, enormous dumbbells and novel fitness machines. Also on display was the unique apparatus Sri Chinmoy used to lift overhead more than 8,000 individuals in the programme "Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart", a recreation of the Smart Car life and dozens of other weightlifting exhibits placed admist the garden scenery. 

Musical interludes were followed by theatrical performances and reminiscences by those who observed Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting progress first hand.  A new film debut featuring interviews with Sri Chinmoy's weightlifing and bodybuilding associates crowned the evening of the events.


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Sri Chinmoy began weightlifting at 54 to demonstrate the power of possibility. By lifting massive and unusual weights he proved that age is no obstacle to achieving one's goals.

In his own words

"With determination we can conquer the age barrier and go back to our childlike heart."

"We are all truly unlimited, if we only dare to try and have faith."

"I feel that the physical and the spiritual must go together: they cannot be separated. When we pray and meditate, we get an extra supply of energy, which you can call strength. This strength can be utilized for a good purpose. If I can inspire anybody in this world, then I feel that my life is meaningful. With my weightlifting, I am offering my physical strength to inspire people." A Mystic Journey In The Weightlifting World, Part 4, page 16


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