Thanksgiving Dinner at a Sri Chinmoy Centre Inspired Restaurant

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centres in America run enterprises that aspire to provide quality services to the public in uplifting surroundings.  Three of these divine enterprise restaurants host a special Thanksgiving holiday menu to eat in or take out.


The Oneness- Fountain- Heart in Flushing Queens, New York offers a special Thanksgiving dinner menu for eat-in. Their menu for Thanksgiving: Hot mulled cider, Soup or Salad: Vegan Pumpkin or Corn Chowder, Pear Salad with Arugala and Walnuts, Roasted Veggie Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Green Bean Casserole, Cornbread & Chutney.

Annam Brahma Restaurant in Jamaica Queens, New York serves a special Thanksgiving dinner menu for eat-in and take-out. Open from 12 pm to 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day no reservations are required. Their dine in menu includes:  Soy “Turkey” with Fresh Mushroom Gravy, Scrumptious Herb Stuffing, Baked Yam Casserole, Broccoli with Lemon Herb Sauce, Hawaiian Banana Bread, Homemade Apple-Cranberry Sauce, *ask about our vegan option,  Our Own Pumpkin or Apple Pie. 18.95 feast size, 13.95 regular size. Annam Brahma also offers Thanksgiving Holiday pre-order takeout with items such as a holiday soy turkey loaf, mushroom gravy, stuffing, and pies.

Silence-Heart-Nest Restaurant in Seattle, Washington offers Thanksgiving pre-order takeout items. Order their Turkey Alternative for your Holiday Menu: Neat Loaf - , made with wheat cereals, ricotta cheese, eggs, tofu, rice, herbs and our own barbecue sauce. Call 206-633-5169 today for questions and to order, order by 11/25 pick up 11/27.

Sri Chinmoy - the inspiration behind the restaurants - wrote extensively on the topic of gratitude.

If you learn

The art of thanksgiving,

It will be so easy

For you to learn

The art of life-receiving.

-Sri Chinmoy