Free meditation classes in San Francisco Sri Chinmoy Centre

San Francisco Sri Chinmoy Centre members give free meditation classes as a community service in and around San Francisco throughout the year. These classes are aimed at beginners, though anyone is welcome to attend. 

As well as meditation classes we also offer other activities such as music concerts. To find out dates and times, you are welcome to enquire through our contact form.

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About us

The Sri Chinmoy San Francisco Centre was established in the early seventies. In fact, Sri Chinmoy began his long-distance running career right here in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and offered numerous Peace Concerts in the Bay area.

Our members own and manage the Ananda Fuara vegetarian restaurant managed by Sri Chinmoy's students in the downtown area where busy office workers can have a moment of peace and some great food in their lunch hour.

A number of Sri Chinmoy's original artworks - which he called Jharna-Kala, or art flowing from an inner source - are exhibited throughout.

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