Free meditation classes in Phoenix, AZ

O beautiful meditation, You are great. 
O prayerful meditation, You are good.
O soulful meditation,  You are perfect.

Sri Chinmoy

Meditation classes, workshops and lectures have been offered in the Phoenix area for a number of years. 

We seek to offer simple meditation techniques that provide a foundation for a more harmonious daily life.

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Meditation Workshop FAQ

Q. What type of meditation do you teach?

A. We offer  “heart center” meditation. This a method wherein we calm the mind using proven meditation techniques  in order to enter the spiritual heart. It is one of the fastest ways of making spiritual progress. More …


Meditation techniques we offer

  • Breathing techniques–yogic breathing  transforms mind and heart
  • Mantra–repeating spiritual phrases brings serenity
  • Heart meditation – meditating on the spiritual center is the shortcut
  • Visualization techniques–guided group meditations add to individual practice
  • Illumining life habits – tips to break bad habits for life

Our classgivers

Mahiyan Savage from San Diego offers classes in Phoenix every month.  An avid tennis player, runner and marathoner, Mahiyan is also the founder manger of   Jyoti-Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant in San Diego, CA.

Sri Chinmoy played tennis until well into his seventies, and Mahiyan was his frequent tennis partner. In this video Mahiyan talks a little bit about what that was like