Conscious Cooking

Have you wondered what makes a meal memorable? Good food, laughter and a caring host and hostess in the warmth of their dining room that left you contented and happy? Meals prepared by those who love to cook, serve and host enrich our dining experiences immensely—with positive energy.

As Sri Chinmoy explains in Secrets of the Inner World:
"The cook can transform the consciousness of the food if it is necessary or if he wants to do so. He can add to the consciousness of the food. … Food gives us new life; it energizes us. Anything that energizes us is life—the stream of life."

The cook’s role in preparing food is to impart nourishing energy into food that nurtures the body.  And as diners, we enjoy with a sense of heartfelt gratitude, further increasing our nourishment from good food that’s been prepared with a caring attitude.