Free meditation classes in Providence Sri Chinmoy Centre

We offer meditation instruction free of charge around Rhode Island in various towns such as Providence, Pawtucket, East Providence, Cranston, Cumberland and also just over the state border in neighboring Seekonk, Massachusetts.

The objective of our meditation workshops is to show you how to meditate and inspire you to do it. The classes offer practical guidance and inspiration for making meditation a daily habit. They are designed for both beginners as well as those looking to brush up on incorporating meditation more deeply into their daily life. 

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What Do Our Meditation Classes Include?

  • Techniques for quieting the mind and improving concentration.
  • Visualization and Meditation Exercises.
  • Suggestions for Setting Up Your Own Meditation Practice.
  • Opening the Spiritual Heart.
  • Exploration of the Spiritual Teachings of Sri Chinmoy. 

What type of meditation is it?

  • The meditation classes are taught by experienced meditation students of Sri Chinmoy and draw upon his writings, music and art. Several members of the Rhode Island Sri Chinmoy Centre have been practising meditation and teaching workshops for the last 30 years.
  • Sri Chinmoy recommends meditating to open our own spiritual heart.
  • Techniques include candle flame concentration, pranayama breathing, guided meditations, meditation aided by soulful music - all with the goal of achieving a still mind and deeper self-awareness.
  • Sri Chinmoy traveled the world teaching the unity of all religions and the value of each individual's quest for Truth and spiritual growth.


About us

The Providence, Rhode Island Centre is located in East Providence, a stone's throw away from the scenic East Bay Bike Path. We meet for weekly meditations and represent varied professions including a retired financial administrator/manager at Brown University, a librarian, a security guard who runs an after-school "Chess Smarts" program for children that won the Rhode Island state championship many times, and a teacher's assistant in the Providence School System.

Since we are only several hours away from New York City, members and seekers can also attend meditations at the Centre International Headquarters in New York. Our Rhode Island Centre Leader, Vijali, is an accomplished theatrical director within the Sri Chinmoy Centres and play rehearsals and performances are a regular activity within the Providence Centre. Our members also come from varied backgrounds, the majority being New England natives, although Nirnaya was born in Yugoslavia and another woman in our group, Sharika, is Cape Verdean.

As well as meditation courses, the Providence Centre also help to organise the many community activities of the Sri Chinmoy Centres such as the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run . Over the years, the Peace Run torch has been held by Rhode Island governors, mayors,  U.S. Congressmen from Rhode Island as well as hundreds and hundreds of school and summer camp children.

The Providence Centre exemplifies active involvement and service to the state at large. We have participated in the Bristol 4th of July Parade with a prize- winning float, undertook a project to plant trees in every community across the state, and offered numerous educational sessions on the Peace Run in elementary schools, boys and girls clubs and town sponsored recreational youth programs.

Mirroring our location in the smallest state of the Union, we feel our centre also is characterized by a small-town caring and supportive friendly feeling.