Free meditation classes in Santa Fe, NM

From the spiritual point of view, every seeker is a beginner. The moment you want to make constant and continual progress, at that moment you become an eternal beginner.

Sri Chinmoy

Free Meditation Classes

Meditation classes, workshops and lectures have been offered in the Santa Fe area for nearly a decade. 

Our doors are open to all seekers in search of  self-discovery,  beginners and advanced alike. We hope to offer practical meditation tips for daily stress-free living.

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Meditation techniques for practical living

While deeply profound and reenergizing, meditation is also a handy tool for dealing with the demands of daily living. Here are two very practical meditation techniques:

Breathing Meditation - overcoming inaction – especially while facing looming deadlines

  • Inhale deeply and slowly on 2 counts, “one-two,” at your own pace (if you like, close your eyes to filter out sensory distractions)
  • Feel this new energy filling up every pore of your being, “three-four”
  • Exhale, “five-six” to expel old, inert energy
  • Repeat this process a few times, each time feeling an upsurge of dynamic new energy revitalizing your body and mind with a new determination to tackle the job waiting to be completed
  • See your soul’s willpower welling up powerfully to complete the job that needs your immediate attention
  • Imagine, too, confidence in giving you the added edge to power through your project—and finishing it to the best of your ability


Nature Meditation – rebalancing and getting on with it

  • Look out at your garden or sit in your backyard using Nature as a backdrop
  • As your vision connects with Mother Nature, focus on a beautiful flower that’s beckoning you with its beauty and fragrance (rose, lily) or a glorious sunset. Look at the flower or sky as a whole then zero in on a specific spot.
  • Feel this spot sharing its very essence with you and permeating every pore of your being—while filling you up with Nature’s beauty, purity and serenity
  • Allow Mother Nature to nurture your senses, to refocus and rebalance you naturally, as you empty out lethargy, restlessness and unwilling energy
  • Enjoy these precious moments as long as you like, or shorter as time permits
  • Gently slip out of meditation by wiggling your toes, stretching your arms and yawning, as you feel re-empowered and grateful to reenter the world again
  • And, welcome Life’s ongoing challenges as stepping stones to making progress with your life


Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre Who Give Meditation Classes

Sunamita Lim has been meditating daily since 1980. A writer who enjoys the creative serenity of the City Different (as Santa Fe is also known), she welcomes your questions.