Free meditation classes in Minneapolis

Meditation classes, workshops and lectures have been offered in the Minneapolis area by the Sri Chinmoy Centre for a number of years. We open our heart-doors to all seekers on the path towards self-knowledge.

To learn more about our meditation classes or the Minneapolis Sri Chinmoy Group kindly call 612-669-3220 or send an enquiry on our contact form.

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Meditation Workshop FAQ

Q. What type of meditation do you teach?

A. We offer  “heart center” meditation. This a method wherein we calm the mind using proven meditation techniques  in order to enter the spiritual heart. It is one of the fastest ways of making spiritual progress.

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Meditation techniques we offer

  • Breathing techniques – conscious breathing can change your life
  • Mantra – repeating a  spiritual word calms your mind mind
  • Heart meditation –  concentrating on the heart center enables the fastest progress
  • Visualization techniques – guided group meditations enhance  individual practice
  • Illumining life habits – meditation transforms the negative thinking  

Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre Who Give Meditation Classes

Yuyudhan Hoppe When not traveling around the world, calls Minneapolis home. As an avid athlete he has lived his life according to Sri Chinmoy's teachings and philosophy for the past 19 years.