Free meditation classes in Seattle

..and other spiritual activities of the Seattle Sri Chinmoy Centre

We offer introductory meditation classes free of charge in Seattle throughout the year. All are welcome, beginners as well as those seeking to further their meditation practice. Classes include both weekday and weekend options.

For more information about our meditation classes visit - Seattle Meditation


About us

The Seattle Sri Chinmoy Centre has been offering free meditation classes, public concerts, sport and inspirational events for over 35 years in the Pacific Northwest. Our teacher, Sri Chinmoy, believed in a balanced lifestyle of meditation, exercise, healthy living and community service through our peace projects and spiritual enterprises. Thousands of people have learned to meditate at our center, developing invaluable tools to build peace, happiness and fulfillment in their day-to-day lives.

Our meditation class-givers

Experienced Seattleites offer our ongoing free classes. Gifted instructors from other cities are also invited several times a year for instensive weekend workshops.

Nayak and Nandita Polissar

Nayak and Nandita began meditating when they lived in Thailand for some time in the early 1970s. Upon returning to the United States, they attended a concert Sri Chinmoy was offering in New York City, and, profoundly inspired, started studying meditation directly with Sri Chinmoy.

In 1974 they re-located and established a Sri Chinmoy Centre in Seattle. Nayak is a medical researcher, and Nandita the manager of our Silence-Heart-Restaurant in Fremont. Together they have taught meditation and organized concerts featuring Sri Chinmoy across North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Pranlobha Kalagian


Pranlobha, a born Seattlelite, began meditating as a child with her mother,  who is also a student of Sri Chinmoy. Pranlobha travels twice-yearly overseas in order to better understand the many global cultures of today's world. A keen nature-lover and gourmet cook, she also enjoys photography, musical composition and classical piano.

Daulot Fountain

daulot.jpgDaulot first began meditating as a forest worker in Eastern Washington over twenty years ago and has been offering classes on meditation and conscious living ever since.

An electrician by trade, he and his wife also own and manage the popular Transformation-Surprise laundromat in Ballard. He is also an enthusiastic runner, having run many marathons and ultra-marathons.

Topics covered in our classes

Introductory classes consist of 2-4 evenings, weekend intensives or a briefer lecture introduction. For those interested, follow-up classes are available after each set of introductory classes.

• Meditation essentials and end goals
• Breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques
• Heart center meditation
• The power of mantra and music
• How to establish daily practice
• Integral meditation and inner growth: how to incorporate meditation benefits into your daily life

What should we bring to the class?
Nothing required. However, we suggest you wear comfortable clothes that don't restrict your breathing and preferably avoid a heavy meal right before class begins.

Serving the community in Seattle

Besides meditation classes, we also manage a restauraunt and laundromat with a view to creating a spiritual environment in the general public, organise races, concerts and nature meditations.

Running Races

We are a very active meditation Centre, and sport forms an important part of our spiritual practice. Sri Chinmoy also encouraged us to put on races for the general public.

  • Self-Transcendence 2 mile race: A FREE 2 mile race, all levels of runners and walkers encouraged. Starts at 8am, first Saturday of every month in summer, on the foot path just north of the boat ramp at Magnuson Park. Enter the park at NE 65th and Sandpoint Way NE. See you there! Race website »
Our 2 mile race in Magnusson Park
  • For those of you looking for more of a challenge, we have a 7 and 13 hour race in Magnuson Park in May - run solo or as part of a team! Race website »
  • If you are into triathlons, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team also organises one in nearby Victoria - the oldest one in Canada! Race website »


Dreamer of World Peace

Erected in 2011, this statue installation depicting Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy holding a Peace Torch is a much-loved landmark, where local residents and casual walkers can sit and find a moment's peace. The statue is located by the Burke-Gilman Trail approximately under the Aurora Bridge.


Spiritual Books and CDs

Sri Chinmoy's books and CD's have been offering wisdom to spiritual seekers for decades. Heart-Light Distributors, the U.S. distributor of  Sri Chinmoy's Books, is located in Seattle. If you have any questions about purchasing or stocking Sri Chinmoy's books, please call 800-739-2885 toll-free or visit

We also have two other enterprises run by Sri Chinmoy's students in Seattle: our laundromat Transformation-Surprise and The Mountain-Whisper-Light, a statistical consulting service.


Nature meditations on Mountain Trails

We often organise outings to places such as nearby spectacular Mt. Rainier National Park whose spectacular shape is a thrill to see in Seattle on a clear day, and even more uplifting to climb.