Free meditation classes in Hialeah, FL

A variety of English and English/Spanish bilingual workshops are offered regularly in the western corridor of south Florida in Doral, Hialeah, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Springs and Miramar.

All are welcome, beginners as well as those seeking to further their meditation practice. To learn more about our meditation classes call (305) 624-6677 or use our contact form.  

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Introductory classes usually over 3-4 evenings with follow-up classes for those interested

What we cover

  • Calming breathing techniques
  • Core concentration and visualizations guides
  • Meditating on the heart centre
  • Mantras and spiritual music
  • The meaning of higher consciousness and how to achieve it
  • Establishing a daily practice and transforming daily habits

What to bring to the class

Only yourself! However, we recommend light clothing and light dining prior to classes, avoiding a heavy meal if possible.

Who we are

Experienced members of the Florida Sri Chinmoy Centres offer our ongoing free classes.

Lunthita from the Hialeah Centre talks about her first impressions of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy

Meditation is all peace, poise and vastness. 
Intensity is there, but the intensity is flooded with luminosity.  

Sri Chinmoy

Hialeah Sri Chinmoy Meditation Group

Our group was established in January 1997 and offers meditation classes in the western corridor of South Florida, serving both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We also meet frequently with our fellow Sri Chinmoy Centre members in Miami and Tampa.

We also help to coordinate events for quite a few grassroots and humanitarian efforts: