Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals

Vitamins and minerals are vitally important for good health, although needed in only small amounts and are thus called ‘micro’ nutrients. While most micronutrients can be obtained from a diversity of food sources many feel taking a good multivitamin a wise choice, and others increase dosages of individual micronutrients on a needs basis. Micronutrient needs also change with age and the time invested in a little research as life goes on can reap real benefits over the decades.  It is also good to periodically vary your supplements to avoid intolerance and possible toxicity. Herbs also contain whole hosts of micronutrients and are easily available in tinctures, pills, packaged teas or loose.

Phytochemicals. The elements that give plants their colour, flavour and disease resistance. They help to boost the immune system, they detoxify the body and enhance enzyme activity. Phytochemicals number in the 1,000s. Amongst the most studied are the flavonoids, found in citrus fruits and berries; indoles, found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, collard greens; saponins, found in legumes; coumaric acids found in tomatoes. Several helpings of vegetables and fruits per day can work magic.

But when you use the heart, every time you look at your vitamin pills, bottles and jars, you will get a new joy. You will be eager to see whether something new is written on the bottles or to notice something that you have never seen before. Sri Chinmoy Answers, Part 23