Excess acidity has become all too common place in the modern diet and throws off the body’s natural pH balance.  Eating more alkaline foods to counter-balance acidosis helps maintain optimal health. 

The recommended balance is 4 to 1, or 4 parts of alkaline food to 1 part acidic.

Acid/alkaline food charts are readily available online and good to become familiar with:  coffee, fast and fried foods are not surprisingly some of the primary acidifiers.

When it is not easy to balance daily intakes, alkalizing drops are easily available to add to drinking water, and alkaline bottled water is becoming more popular as well.

Question: What kind of prayer or meditation should we offer before eating food?

Sri Chinmoy: Only invoke the Supreme and repeat His Name. You are eating food not to become the strongest man on earth. You are eating so that you can maintain your health. You are eating in order to become a good instrument, a perfect instrument of the Supreme. After you have eaten, you have energised your being. You have to energise the body so that you can become a perfect instrument of the Supreme.

Excerpt from The Meditation-World by Sri Chinmoy