Sri Chinmoy in Concert

Concerts for world harmony offered around the world, at Sacred Venues and at Man-Made and Natural Wonders

Sri Chinmoy's largest American concert to date was held in Philadelphia at the CoreStates Spectrum, on Nov 1, 1996 for an audience of 10,500.

In Concert

Sri Chinmoy has offered hundreds of concerts to tens of thousands of people around the globe. Beginning as a twenty-concert series in March 1984, the total has reached a monumental 777 concerts offered in 62 nations on six continents.

Selecting from his 21,000 compositions, Sri Chinmoy sings with a strikingly resonant voice, accompanying himself on keyboards and select stringed instruments. He also performs on his principle instruments the flute, esraj and cello as well as on a wide variety of Eastern and Western woodwind, string and percussive instruments. His soul-stirring, haunting music leaves a lingering presence in the listener's heart long after the concert ends. In 1987 Sri Chinmoy began infusing his concerts with the power and grandeur of piano and pipe organ improvisations he now has added virtuoso violin and esraj improvisations to this standard repertoire.

Sri Chinmoy has offered concerts ranging from a colossal audience of 19,000 in Montreal, Canada, to private concerts for Heads of State; from New York's Carnegie Hall, Paris' Carrousel du Louvre and Moscow's State Central Concert Hall to China's Great Wall and Japan's Hiroshima; The Vatican, Indonesia's Borobudur and Japan's Kamakura Great Buddha.

Carnegie Hall, New York

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Great Wall, China

In Flight Programming

A number of International airlines also feature his music in their in-flight programming: Aeroflot, Air Calin, Air India, Air Seychelles, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Continental, Delta, Ethiopian Air, Finnair, klm, Kenya Air, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Malev Air, Qantas, Royal Brunei, Royal Jordanian, Sabena Air, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Air, Vietnam AirJordanian, Sabena Air, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Air, United Arab Emrites, Vietnam Air.

Countries where Sri Chinmoy has performed

Argentina (1)
Australia (11)
Austria (8)
Bahamas (1)
Belgium (1)
Brazil (6)
Bulgaria (1)
Cambodia (2)
Canada (20)
Chile (3)
China (10)
Cook Islands (1)
Czech Republic (4)
Denmark (1)
Egypt (2)
England (17)
Fiji (1)
Finland (3)
France (18)
Germany (43)
Greece (2)
Guatemala (4)
Hungary (4)
Iceland (3)
Indonesia (15)
Italy (7)
Japan (38)
Macedonia (1)
Malaysia (6)
Malta (3)
Mexico (3)
Morocco (1)
Myanmar (6)
Nepal (3)
The Netherlands (1)
New Zealand (8)
Norway (6)
Paraguay (1)
Peru (1)
The Philippines (5)
Poland (3)
Puerto Rico (3)
Romania (1)
Russia (4)
Scotland (3)
Singapore (3)
Slovakia (4)
Slovenia (2)
South Africa (6)
Spain (5)
Sri Lanka (3)
Sweden (4)
Switzerland (9)
Tahiti (1)
Thailand (5)
Timor-Leste (1)
USA (400+)
The Vatican (2)
Viet Nam (3)
Wales (1)
Western Samoa (2)
Zimbabwe (2)


Concerts and Performances at Sacred Venues

Aug 15, 1987

Cathedral of St. John the Divine / New York, NY, USA (first performance)
Sep 24, 1987

Kamakura Buddha, Kotoku-In Temple / Kamakura, Japan (first of several performances), The Great Buddha Statue of Japan
Oct 12, 1987
Westminster Abbey / London, England
Oct 12, 1984

The Queen's Free Chapel of St. George, Windsor Castle / Windsor, England

Oct 13, 1995

St. Peter's Basilica / The Vatican
Mar 10, 1989

Il Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore / Florence, Italy
Jun 24, 1989
Cathedral of Notre Dame / Paris, France
Dec 25, 2003

Borobudur / Java, Indonesia, Renowned Buddhist monument; one of the wonders of the world; UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest Buddhist temple worldwide



The Vatican

Concerts at Man-Made and Natural Wonders

Oct 17, 2004
Niagara Falls / Prospect Point, Niagara Falls, NY
Jan 11, 2005

Great Wall of China / Bedaling Section near Beijing, China
Jan 15, 2005
Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warrior Museum / Xian, China, One of the wonders of the world; UNESCO World Heritage Site