The American Flag


On the American Flag and Motto          

American flag


Three most essential things the American flag embodies:
divine power, divine purity, divine vastness and spirituality.

Red represents divine power, white symbolises purity
and blue signifies infinity and spirituality.
The red represents God the Omnipotent.
The white represents God the Omniscient.
The blue represents God the Infinite.
The stars represent God in His Immortality's
Vision-flooded Delight.


From the bottom of the staff going up to the mid-point Is God in His ascending earth-cry.
From the top of the staff going down to the mid-point Is God in His descending Heaven-Smile.
The centre of the staff is the meeting place, the rendezvous, between earth's high-climbing tears and Heaven's low-climbing Smile.
At the bottom of the staff, the outer man becomes God the Perfection.
At the top of the staff, the inner man becomes God the Satisfaction.
At their meeting place in the middle is the fulfilment of man's long-promised surrender-flame and God's long-promised delight-sun.


"In God We Trust" is undoubtedly a spiritual motto. To say that in God we trust means that we trust in our own high, higher, highest reality. When we say in Him we trust, that means we are confident that the undivine in us, the lower part in us, will eventually be transformed and become as divine, as pure, as perfect as our highest reality.

To say that I have faith in God means that I have given God my entire existence for Him to guide. Just by saying, "In God we trust," we do not feel that our part is over. No, when we say that we trust God, it means that we are consciously offering our life at the Feet of God, for God to mould and shape us. And who is God if not our own higher self? So this is a spiritual motto of the highest order.