The Liberty Torch

On America's Sacred Liberty Torch

Liberty Torch

Birthless are the flames of the Liberty Torch,
deathless is the light of the Liberty Torch.

The Liberty Torch is a human aspiration,
a divine realisation and supreme perfection.

To the soulless life, the Liberty Torch grants a soulful life.
To the goalless reality, the Liberty Torch grants
an ever-illumining and ever-transcending goal.

Liberty was America's dream-fulfilled reality.
Equality is America's reality-fulfilling dream.

America's liberty was America's outer success.
America's equality is America's inner progress.

Yesterday America enjoyed the sacred flame of liberty.
Today America enjoys the sacred light of equality.
Tomorrow America shall enjoy the sacred sun of divinity.

America's liberty was America's outer success.
America's equality is America's inner progress.

America's past was God's meaningful promise.
America's present is God's soulful cry.
America's future will be God's fruitful smile.

America's independence, humanity's self-awareness
and Divinity's self-transcendence were one, inseparably one.

America needed self-government. America acquired it.
America needs self-mastery. America will, before long, acquire it.
What is the American spirit?
The American spirit is America's eagerness to know what the world needs.

Surrender: this is America's promise to God in the inner world.
Endeavor: this is America's promise to God in the outer world.
The rest of the world needs America
not because America is great but because America is willing,
always unreservedly.

What does America claim?
A colossal preparation: not only for its own illumination and perfection
but for the illumination and perfection of the entire world.

America's mind believes in the theory of give and take; therefore America is great.
America's heart believes in the theory of give, just give; therefore America is good.

The difference between America's greatness and America's goodness is this:
America's greatness silences the world and then beckons the world;
America's goodness accelerates the world and then elevates the world.

The human in some American souls touched and rang the Liberty Bell.
The divine in some American souls heard the Bell ringing and valued the soul and the goal of the Bell.