Press reviews and comments from legendary musicians on Sri Chinmoy's music

Comments from music legends

A number of musicians have expressed their appreciation of the universal spirit of Sri Chinmoy’s compositions and expanding worldwide concert series.

What Sri Chinmoy does is God-given. He has a tremendous, a fantastic creative urge.
(11 October 2002) Ravi Shankar / Legendary Sitarist

I am most grateful to you for the most wonderful moment of my life.
(5 October 1972) Maestro Pablo Casals / Legendary Cellist

Sri Chinmoy is a miraculous model of the abundance in the creative life, and I can only hope that I may someday participate in that cosmic fountain of stillness and profound energy which he inhabits. (31 October 1977)
What power is in this man’s music! It’s incredible. Sri Chinmoy written a counterpoint like Bach. Every phrase goes with every other phrase. My musical spirit is very, very deeply impressed. (21 March 1979)
Maestro Leonard Bernstein / Composer and Conductor

Your life has been a continuous flow of living inspiration and dedication to the triumph of the humane. (16 July 1996 ) 
I hope the great artist you are invoking will carry your message of harmony to all those who may listen and see. I cannot but subscribe to your high motives. (13 August 1996 )
Maestro Yehudi Menuhin / Legendary Violinist

Sri Chinmoy himself is music…Sri Chinmoy’s music is a vehicle for the highest spiritual energy. It is very healing, an experience very deep within my heart and far beyond words. (12 May 2003) Paul Horn / World-renowned Flautist 

Sri Chinmoy is the best exponent of honest expression in music. Sri Chinmoy’s music is a magical flow deep down in your heart of hearts. (13 March 1989) Roberta Flack / 4-time Grammy Award Winning Vocalist

Sri Chinmoy is such a brave musician! God puts his hands on very few shoulders. It is definitely on Sri Chinmoy’s shoulder.  The whole world is blessed to have this man in their lives, and especially in their hearts. (20 July 2004) Quincy Jones / Composer, Arranger Extraodinaire, 25-time Grammy Award Winner

Your heart and soul’s music is not only the inner truth and outer feast, but a fulfillment divine for Eternity. (13 April 1987) Narada Michael Walden / 3-time Grammy Award Winning Producer

This is the most powerful and soul-stirring music I have ever heard. It has entered right inside me and ­left me feeling totally purified. (13 April 1987) Clarence Clemons / Numero Uno Saxophonist

I was moved by your music, and especially the esraj. The instrument seems to me to express so beautifully the essence of India. The esraj has the sound of a great, winding river, a force of nature, more ancient and deeper than the mind of any individual. (19 November 1997) George Pattison / Dean of Chapel, King’s College, Cambridge University


Press reviews

Selected reviews from press worldwide on Sri Chinmoy's music

Sri Chinmoy’s pipe organ improvisations will prove to be one of the most powerful, ecstatic and spiritually uplifting performances anyone is ever likely to encounter. Adventurous listeners who are inwardly quiet and fully present will discover the music of genius.
Pulse Magazine / USA

What a piano virtuoso Sri Chinmoy is. Listening to his piano piece was a revelation. By turns I was swept away in a tidal wave of creative energy. It was like a genesis, a primal creation, and then calmed by the sweetness of sunshine bathing a glistening landscape. I sat still, transfixed. And again I was amazed at Sri Chinmoy’s incredible range of creative and humanitarian energies.
Ticket / Greater Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sri Chinmoy’s music can be forceful and intense, and at other times bouncy, naive and light. There’s something undeniably uplifting and fascinating, something purely human about the music.
Ear Magazine / USA

Sri Chinmoy himself performed one haunting number on the esraj, and a lovely, very modern flute essay pretty enough to make a deer lay its head in the musician’s lap.
Washington Post / Washington, DC, USA

Sri Chinmoy’s sublime spiritual mastery reveals through music the infinite vastness of the universe as an intimate sanctuary of the soul. It is a living counter-melody to the immortal soundless sound which resides within us all.
Free Spirit Magazine / USA

Some of the most inspired music I’ve heard from a solo performer — classical, pop or otherwise.
New York, Cue magazine / NY, NY  USA

Sri Chinmoy plays some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard in my life, and that’s the truth.

Everyone listened in rapt attention, totally absorbed in the music and moved by his performance.
National Public Radio / USA

Sri Chinmoy is greatly inspired. His music is more than just music. It definitely touches an inner space.

Sri Chinmoy’s sublime spiritual mastery reveals through music the infinite vastness of the universe as an intimate sanctuary of the soul. It is a living counter-melody to the immortal soundless sound which resides within us all.
Free Spirit Magazine / USA

This was an evening for silent meditations and for haunting tunes, played on Indian flute, esraj and other instruments, sent into the crisp evening air by Sri Chinmoy.
Los Angeles Times / Los Angeles, CA, USA

It was clearly not an event to advertise or raise money. Sri Chinmoy’s approach was altogether different. He aimed to instill a profound sense of harmony in the hearts of his audience by playing soulful music.
Common Ground / Melbourne, Australia

These songs remind us that heaven is inside ourselves. Is this not their essential worth?
Aurores Magazine / France

The crowd had come not only for the music, but also for what was between the compositions, the inner serenity that the sounds only serve to prolong.
Le Monde / Paris, France

This is the story of an astonishing man. He is a man who has more than one string to his bow: he is a musician, he is an Indian man born in Bengal, he is a philosopher and a painter as well.
TV5 / France

If you listen to Sri Chinmoy’s organ improvisations totally, a dense, roaring, ever-surprising ride on a torrent awaits you: mighty, primeval in its power, ecstatic, but utterly simple, refreshingly carefree, resounding, overwhelming.
Esoterica Magazine / Germany