Poetry Dedicated to America

Sri Chinmoy writing2

America's past
Was God's meaningful promise.
America's present
Is God's soulful cry.
America's future
Will be God's fruitful Smile.

This is America's promise to God
In the inner world.
This is America's promise to God
In the outer world.


May the infinite beauty
Of America's soul
Awaken America's body,
Liberate America's vital,
Illumine America's mind,
And feed America's heart,
To liberate them from
The fetters of ignorance night.

America: quality or quantity?
Both quality and quantity!
America's heart of light is quality.
America's mind of wisdom is quantity.

O American soul, you are ready.
Therefore the seeker in me sincerely loves you.
You are running.
Therefore the seeker in me unreservedly loves you.
Your goal is nearing.
Therefore I unconditionally love you.                               

America has the best of everything
Because its heart has housed the many
And allowed them to live freely in their own way.

Dear America,
I love your heart-beauty's cry because it needs me.
And I need it, too!
It needs me openly and I need it unmistakably

Smile, America, smile!
Run and jump!
Achieve and become!
Smile, America, smile!