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Vegetarianism and Meditation

In 1980, I embarked on a  journey of self-discovery and meditation—and became a vegetarian. Since it’s been so long ago, being a vegetarian is not an issue for me anymore. However, in looking back, I recall being nervous about giving up gourmet seafood such as abalone and lobster that are treats of the Chinese culinary table.

In the beginning I promised myself two weeks of “vegetarian delight.”  I was going to commit myself to meditation, and I wanted to explore new frontiers to enhance this emerging lifestyle.

After a few days, I found my palate so cleansed that I could actually taste the natural sweetness of organic vegetables. Crisp cucumber never tasted so refreshing. Baby bok choy lightly steamed and drizzled with a splash of olive oil and sautéed garlic seasoned with sea salt left me only wanting more.

30 years later, I’m still following a vegetarian lifestyle that’s filled me with more energy, endurance and strength.

"If we have some spiritual purity, then the physical purity that we get from not eating meat will be most effective", writes Sri Chinmoy.

Pure and simple. By eliminating restless animal energy in following a vegetarian diet, we’re able to enhance our receptivity to meditation. 

What do we gain from vegetarianism and meditation? A vital energy source from within powering up the body’s outer activities that, along with live energy from purer food sources, makes total sense to go vegetarian. Ultimately, vegetarianism purifies the body, mind and heart with newer sources of energy and endurance.