Our Lamb Guests

In spiritual literature the lamb is an often recurring symbol of the qualities we should desire to have in our relationship with God – helplessness, purity, innocence, sweetness.

Sri Chinmoy feeds our lamb guestsSri Chinmoy's fondness for New Zealand and its iconic lambs have even seen him composing a number of lamb songs, one almost an alternative anthem dedicated to and about New Zealand.

During this spiritual masters 1995 visit we had the novel idea of having two pet lambs in our centre premises. An ample straw filled space was provided, a low trellised white fence installed to contain our guests, and a team despatched out into the green hills of rural Auckland to acquire two super-friendly candidates.

Sri Chinmoy was delighted by the lambs and even fed them, holding in each hand a bottle of milk while the lambs tugged lustily away. The rapid tide of events briefly turned our attention away from the lambs – there were concerts, meetings, outings to attend to – then finally Sri Chinmoy and our overseas visitors left New Zealand for their long journey home. After our departure farewells I returned to the centre – opening the doors I heard a thundering of tiny hooves on the wooden floor and the two escapee lambs swept towards me, launching themselves at me like excited puppies and bleating delightedly.

They had leapt their modest fence and now happily liberated, spent their hours of freedom chewing, exploring, rearranging, even lounging on a couch judging by the many tiny black droppings all over the sofa covering. All the plants in the centre had been eaten below one metre, a CD stand toppled, a seated Buddha was now a reclining Buddha, meditation stools overturned.

It was with mutual reluctance that our young friends were returned to their farm – they had enjoyed meeting our group, the dotage of a spiritual master, a taste of city living; while we had been charmed by their joyful innocence and a deeper understanding of the qualities needed to approach God.

– Jogyata.