Dawn Scribbles – At Last Autumn Comes

Now at last the curtain falls on summer’s last act, it's benediction bounty, the sovereign wide blue of months past relinquishing it's dominion in this first deluge of autumn pelting down. Rain is bucketing, lashing at windows, a dawn assault, this lovely onslaught filling gutters with rivers of rain, summer's dust and dead leaves sluicing off roof tops and temples and no warning of this wild and sudden invasion.

Down on the waterfront the early Quickcat ferry from Waiheke Island slams through whitecaps, sends spray flying and soaking the brave boys laughing in the bows, grey waves slap-banging against the aluminium hull, easing in carefully while the deckhand disdains the cold sea, balances on nothing much to throw his heavy mooring ropes. Gulls ride the squalls, soar and dip.

Across Karangahape Road and sixteen stories up, construction crews arrive and I watch the Maori boys, tattooed arms bare, orange vests slick and bright-wet in the downpour, strut their warrior stuff, laugh in the rain.


Down below the early girls weave and totter in the wind, shrieking at each blast of spray, wind gusts turning brollies into kites, inverting, pull them skyward while they hang on, clutch each other giggling their despair.

Cold water, my summer friend, now overnight my foe and in the shower I yell and cringe and ouch till soothing hot smoothes away goose bumps.

Lovely autumn comes and welcome, though I'll miss the long calm days and warm kiss of sun.

– Jogyata.