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Exploring nearly 100 Sri Chinmoy inspired websites

Sri Chinmoy shared a creative outpouring in myriad ways during his lifetime and dedicated himself to fostering world harmony and understanding.

This rich legacy of offerings in spirituality, meditation, philosophy, poetry, painting, musical composition/performance and athletics can be explored in the family of websites related to Sri Chinmoy and the Sri Chinmoy Centres International. The current website for the U.S. portion of the Sri Chinmoy Centre that you are on while reading this feature is only one in a "family" of Sri Chinmoy Centre online sites.

Some of these websites began nearly a decade ago when Sri Chinmoy named the team of website develelopers embarking on this project as Vasudeva Server. On their informational website, their "About Us" description states:

Vasudeva Server maintains almost 100 non-profit websites with information on many inspiring fields of human endeavour - meditation, spirituality, humanitarian work, peace initiatives, art, music, poetry and athletics.

Many of the websites are related to Sri Chinmoy, the late meditation teacher and philosopher, and to the Sri Chinmoy Centre, which was set up by Sri Chinmoy to facilitate the personal development of his students and to serve the world community at large.

Now you can explore almost 100 websites which detail everything from an online library of Sri Chinmoy's writings to a radio site that allows you to play different channels of music composed by Sri Chinmoy streaming over the Internet.

Other sites explore his music, artwork, poetry and service initiatives such as the World Harmony Run.


Or you can explore meditation techniques and find out where classes are offered nearest to your geographic location.

For those of you who prefer video to reading print, there are numerous videos available to watch on Sri Chinmoy TV.

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