Sri Chinmoy’s 74 Flute Concert

The following is a short article written for the New Zealand based international flute magazine Flute Focus in 2005.

Sri Chinmoy playing one of 74 flutesMeditation master and musician-composer Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday last August with a number of unusual accomplishments. In addition to an epic outdoor concert featuring performances on 74 pianos – a grueling three hours long but a sheer delight to over 1,000 guests and students from some 45 countries – Sri Chinmoy also played next day on a total of 74 flutes.

The accomplished flautist who often performs on a number of New Zealand made instruments had assembled over 90 flutes for the occasion, mostly sent by students who in various parts of the world had heard of this project and wished to support it.

Surrounded by an amazing and colourful array of multifarious flutes – wooden flutes, ceramic flutes, metallic flutes of all shapes, colours and sizes – Sri Chinmoy played each for several minutes in a second marathon concert. In the following days, he also sang 74 of his own songs written in his native Bengali language, and some 200 songs written in English.

A four time New Zealand visitor who has enchanted audiences here with his free concerts of meditative music, Sri Chinmoy has amassed an enormous musical legacy of more than 18,000 published songs, offering these to countless people globally in over 700 concerts dedicated to world harmony.

    – Jogyata.

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