Car Trips with Guru

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Have you ever had the feeling that everything is just perfect?  Where every moment feels almost larger than life? With Guru it was like that—every single second was so precious and beautiful.

Guru loved to listen to songs when he was in the car. He would often listen to a tape or a CD of someone singing songs written by Rabindranath Tagore. One day a few disciples, including me, were driving in the car with Guru when a song by Tagore came on that Guru loved. I watched in awe as his right hand danced here and there while Guru sang the song along with the singer. It was exquisitely beautiful, with his hand just dancing in the loveliest motion.

On such occasions Guru would always get something for us to eat—like a piece of pizza, something sweet, or some other kind of snack. He would give it to us as prasad—food specially consecrated by a spiritual Master—with his own hand, which always felt like an extra-special blessing.

Guru had absolutely no need for himself. All he wanted was to give joy to us. Even on a simple car trip he always wanted to give something to us, and this was quite moving. 

One moment
With the Master
Is a soulful hope
And a fruitful promise.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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