Learning meditation has been the most rewarding and beneficial pursuit in my life.

Meditation Figurine

In such a short time and with very little personal effort, I have been so surprised at the effects I have experienced in my practice of meditation. Now it has become a part of my life that feeds my soul, opens my heart and charges me with inner energy and enthusiasm for life.

What makes my heart leap with joy is the intense hunger and yearning I feel to discover the next stage in meditation. The deeper existence that I know is right there, in front of me. And when I do discover it and experience the most amazing feeling of satisfaction and tranquility, my yearning always continues to move deeper and discover more. It is as though I am enjoying the most beautiful surroundings, yet somehow I know there is more beauty to come, profound beauty that I can not imagine, yet constantly long to find.

This, I can only assume is the nature of the ever-transcending beyond.

And this is what makes my heart dance with delight!

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