Meditative Outpouring

Sri Chinmoy often described himself as a mere instrument of the creative energy that flows from the heart of  meditation. In the 4 decades he lived in the West he was able to offer an outpouring of achievements in various fields.

Musical offerings

 777  free peace concerts offered since 1984. Sri Chinmoy also offered private performances on many occasions and gave numerous concerts prior to 1984, numbering well over a total of 800 performances of his own compositions.

Musical compositions

Over 21,000 compositions

13,625 Bengali
7,400 English
180 Sanskrit
33 French

Literary Offerings

Nearly 1,600 published books that include

120,000 published poems
388 university lectures
4,025 published stories
63, 11 full-length plays, 52 short plays (one-act)

Road Races

Over 225 road races completed ranging from two to 47 miles that include 22 marathons and 5 ultra-marathons, (3 ran, 2 walked)


Nearly 16 million soul-bird sketches drawn
Over 140,000 Jharna-Kala Fountain-Art works painted

Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart Award Programme
honouring men and women of inspiration worldwide

Over 8,300 people lifted overhead with one arm using a specially built platform